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Beginner Sensual Fluidity Dance Classes

  • 6 Classes

    (Save $15)
    Valid for 6 months
    • Sensual Fluidity Dance Class
  • 12 Classes

    (Save $40)
    Valid for 6 months
    • Sensual Fluidity Dance Class

Reviews of Sensual Fluidity Dance Class

“Your class was wonderful! Learning from you will help me a lot when I dance kizomba and kompa, dance style involving lots of sensuality and fluidity. 


I liked everything you taught us in class. My favorite move was the double winning on the floor while trying to use the strength of my left hand. It was very challenging to me and encouraged me to practice on this particular move even more at home. It made me realize my strength and balance level as well.


I am really looking forward to the upcoming weeks to improve!


You are very talented and gifted!”


- Catherine


“Had so much fun at the class. Thank you for offering a safe place for women to express and explore their sensual body movement. 


I enjoyed the whole class. Would definitely be going back.“


- Mayerlin

“Coming to the class I was nervous, as I told you in the session I am not a dancer and I don’t have any rhythm or coordination. I have heard this my whole life lol. But you made me feel comfortable, I felt the Judge Free zone. You were very warm with your greeting and very encouraging throughout the class. So much so that I booked another class and invited another friend! My favorite moment was the warm-up. I wasn’t expecting the intenseness. I felt like I was in a workout class at first. Then it switched to dancing. Loved the moments you stopped to check-in to see how we felt and how our bodies felt. I loved how you encouraged questions and was willing to work through them with us. I also loved how you were willing to change the song! I love the song On It! So to be able to dance to it in a safe space made me feel amazing! It was extra special because it was also my birthday week, and I wanted this birthday to be filled with memorable moments! It definitely made that list! I am excited for this next class!”


- Amena

“I just want to say thank you for your classes. I may not show it but I really appreciate your teaching style and I feel like I have gained some confidence because of your classes.”


- Afiya

"The class was great! I don’t have a dance background, but I do pick up on things very quickly. My favorite part was the entire choreo coming together when the lights were off. The class is very warm and welcoming. The other classmates are also supportive, so it was very easy to sometimes slip into my own head without realizing I was in a room full of strangers. I have been going around my house practicing the choreo all week LOL! I will definitely be back."

- Nyra

"I truly LOVED the class. I’ve been on a spiritual, self love journey and this was the perfect way to top off my week. As tough as they were, I really enjoyed learning the different ways to walk which helped my confidence. Now I feel like I can be more sensual overall. I can’t wait to come back. I think all women deserve to do a class like this. So empowering!"

- Christy

"I loved absolutely everything about your class! Honestly, I felt so comfortable in my own skin. That was my first time participating in a class like this, so I was surprised at how comfortable I was on the dance floor lol. I felt so safe and empowered. I think what did it for me was that everyone was a woman of color, including you (the instructor) - This made a big difference for me."

- Joanna

"The class was amazing! I love the comfortable environment, the judgment free zone. You were so patient and kind. I had a really great time and felt like I got the chance to work on my confidence while tapping into my creativity. I’m looking forward to the next class."


- Ivanna


Stephanie Peña

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