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"Bruja" by Raquan Da Maji Official Music Video

creative director, choreographer & stylist | Imani Wilburg

dancers | Imani Wilburg, Guerdley Cajus & Stephanie Peña 

cinematography | U.KaY 

producer | Snapz

mix/mastered | DDDDAME

henna | Crystal Ife Sekhem

jewelry | Queen Goddess Ascension 

Body Poems 2021

artistic direction & choreography | Guerdley Cajus 

dancers | Guerdley Cajus, Stephanie Peña & Imani Wilburg

cinematography | Jonathan Dexter 

set design | Steven Baboun 

assistant set design | Yvena Despagne

gown design | Naana Ohene

mask design | Charlotte Charles 

"Misterio" by LADAMA Official Music Video

producer | LADAMA

director & 1st video editor | Zoe Map

choreographer & dancer | Stephanie Peña

director of photography | Marc Parroquin 

assistant camera | Hail Hanzo 

hair, makeup artist & production assistant | Paula Salas Bloise

2nd camera | Gabriela Peña

2nd video editor | Olivia Wetherill Lopez

3rd video editor | Lara Klaus 

Lakaï Dance Theatre 

DNA 2021

choreographer | Mckersin Previlus 

role | actor, performer 

New York Live Arts

photo by Alexis Brown

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 4.13.22 PM.png

The Block: An Afro Musical 2018 -2019

choreographer | Mckersin Previlus

role | actor, performer 

Jacob’s Pillow, Hibernian Hall, New York Live Arts, MIT

Sensation/This Interior 2019

choreographer | Ligia Lewis

role | performer

High Line, NYC

photo by Rowa Lee

Primer Festival Latino 2018

Latin Social Dance Duet

choreographers & performers | Stephanie Peña, Perry Garrett Jr.


photo by Cinthya S.

Amalgama Being +1 2017

choreographer | Camilla Davis

role | performer

La Mama Moves Dance Festival, NYC

photo by Gabriela Peña

Little Girl inside Me 2016

director/writer/voice over | Marie Yagami

choreographer | Duwane Taylor

role | performer

Central Saint Martins, London

photo by Yasumasa Nose

"She touches my hand to know me" 2015

choreographer | Rosemary Lee

role | performer 

University of Roehampton, London

photo by Ariadne Mikou

Choreographic Process Architecturally Devised 2015

concept & direction | Ariadne Mikou
role | performer

University of Roehampton, London

photo by Ariadne Mikou


Stephanie Peña

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