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Stephanie Peña, a dance artist who isn’t afraid to be unapologetically herself, express/explore her sensuality and her blackness within the Dominican culture, and also, connects with her ancestors through movement. She earned an MFA in Choreography at the University of Roehampton in London, UK.  Her work, What Am I Doing Here? (2014) was showcased at CUNY Hunter College, Open Marley Night (Baltimore) and Ticino in Danza Festival (Switzerland). Her other work, Morir Soñando (2016) was showcased at University of Roehampton and Elefeet Dance Festival (London, UK). Her recent work Mi Pajón Me Habló (2022) premiered at the Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Festival in September 2022. She is currently a guest choreographer at Hofstra University.

Peña is currently working with Lakaï Dance Theatre. She has performed at Jacob’s Pillow, Hibernian Hall, New York Live Arts and MIT. She has also worked with Ligia Lewis, Rosemary Lee, Oriana Fox, Brice Mousset and many more artists.


She is currently teaching Contemporary and Latin Social Dances such as Merengue, Bachata and Salsa to children K-12 at public schools, senior centers and community centers through Dancewave, Pentacle, and Little Island Outreach Program. She is also teaching Meditative Movement and Sensual Fluidity Dance classes to adults.


Peña continues to grow by collaborating with dance artists and inspiring others to move their bodies.


Stephanie Peña

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